Accurate OASIS Data Means Profits.

Optimized reimbursement consists of correct sequencing of codes and accurately answering OASIS M-items that contribute to Home Health Resource Group (HHRG). Accurate Coding Plus LLC has the clinical expertise to review OASIS-C M-item responses case by case to ensure profits. 

Poor OASIS Data Means Audits and Denials.

Accurate Coding Plus LLC believes OASIS accuracy is your first line of protection from audits/ADR's. Submitting poor OASIS data could cost your agency lost time and money. When an OASIS data is exported to CMS, this data is also distributed among CMS contractors. OASIS Data (which includes Coding) and HIPPS Codes go hand in hand. Any discrepancy with the other will trigger an audit flag. HIPPS codes that reflect high therapy visits will trigger an audit if it does not relate with functional scores (ADL/IADL M items).  HIPPS codes with low clinical and functional scores because of inaccurate OASIS data will also trigger an audit. Accurate Coding Plus will review your OASIS C M-Items to minimize audits/ADR's.

Inconsistency and Inadequate Documentation Means Denials.

Accurate Coding Plus LLC will utilize records provided to ensure consistency with ICD codes and OASIS data. This will decrease denials from ICD codes not being supported with documentation. 

Why Use Accurate Coding Plus?

  • Coders are certified in OASIS and ICD Coding
  • Optimized reimbursements by proper sequencing of ICD codes
  • Optimized reimbursements by accurate OASIS case mix M-item responses
  • Minimized audits/ADR's by accurate OASIS data
  • Reduced denials by having ICD codes supported with OASIS and other records
  • Up to date knowledge of ICD coding and OASIS guidelines      
  • Agencies maintain costs by utilizing clinician's time more effectively
  • Patient information is secure using secure connection and storage
  • Turnaround of 48 to 72 business hours (excluding weekends and holidays)
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