Coding and OASIS Review

Coding + OASIS M-item Review: 

  • Certified Coder reads OASIS and narratives and utilizes available clinical records (including F2F, H&P's, hospital DC summaries, MD orders with listed diagnosis, POC's, current medication profiles, 60 day summaries, clinical progress notes) to assist with diagnosis codes, Certified Coder ensures that diagnosis codes correlate with available clinical records to ensure accuracy and minimize denial- leading discrepancies.
  • Certified Coder recommends icd codes with proper sequencing per Coding Guidelines based on information provided by the agency to ensure accuracy and improve reimbursement.   
  • Certified OASIS Specialist reviews all OASIS M-item responses per OASIS Guidance and makes recommendations on all M-items (based on all provided documentations) to improve accuracy, improve reimbursement, improve Outcomes, improve consistency to "minimize" audits and denials.
  • Complimentary calculation of HIPPS codes to crosscheck with agency software before OASIS export and billing.
  • Agency’s assessing clinician, however, makes final decision on whether to use all, some,or none of these recommendations.


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